Romeo and Juliet: Act 2 Scene ii

Worksheet for Romeo and Juliet’s love.

Complete the two tables.   (There should be three columns marked):





Concerned for Romeo
Proposes marriage – practical side to her.  Perhaps this is a test of his feelings?
she is concerned about the haste too, showing how confused she is.
If he won’t deny his name, she will renounce hers
Recognises differences between the families are unimportant
Voices the Capulet and  Montague problem. Despairs that he is called Romeo
Refuses to behave coyly and expresses her true feelings.
Wants Romeo to speak truly
Speaks to Romeo with her soul
She worships Romeo
She wants him to stay and leave at the same time
She forgets what she was thinking
Refers to her love in terms of the sea





Will not allow Juliet’s family stop him
Romeo’s use of hyperbole shows his light-headedness – he is a dreamer
Prepared to acquire a new name
Wants to swear his love
Would like physical contact and he urges her to cast off her virginity.
Romeo is overwhelmed by Juliet’s beauty.
Would rather die than be without Juliet’s love
Romeo wants to be Juliet’s captive
Cannot believe that what has happened is not a dream

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